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Breathe you is available on all platforms


The artistic versatility that Maro DēLo exudes is unmatched
in this timeless masterpiece that is "Breathe You"

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Maro DēLo is a pop-rock crossover musician. He began playing guitar when he was 6 years old, picking up bass
and drums as he got more immersed into learning and understanding music.


At age 9, Maro started attending Sean Carney’s Camp Blues, where he performed for 8 years on national stages at the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival in Gahanna, Ohio. These gig opportunities opened Maro’s knack for performing live at an early age; giving him something to fall in love with. His long-time interest in blues, rock, and pop music fueled his white-hot passion for songwriting and composing, giving fans a sense of his honesty and compassion that he expresses in his storytelling lyrics. Maro has produced music with with Jones Bones Productions in NYC, Gary Miller in LA, and is currently working on new tracks with David Ivory, all of whom helped him develop into the artist he is today. Maro also learned logic and produced an upcoming single and continues vocal coaching with Shaun Williamson, who has helped Maro unlock his true tonality and vocal potential.


On Feb 14, 2021, Maro dropped his new single ‘Breathe You’, his marketing plan includes videos, contests and social media influencer collabs. Collectively the song reached over 200k listens in 2 weeks on Instagram and Tik Tok. The song also made it onto 28 Spotify playlists,
2 blog posts and Nam Radio. He is also dropping 4 more singles and participating in a pilot series called ‘Next Top Hit’as a featured Artist this coming March.


In addition to music, Maro is studying Meisner acting with Tony Savant at Playhouse West and works with his coach, Joey Perillo, on set.Maro has also made headway in modeling and walked the runway at Fashion Week 2021 in NYC.


Management • Talent Agent

Powerhouse Entertainment Group 

Manager: Johnny Robertson 



Represented by JL David Talent


Management • Talent Agent

Tom Charles • 614-499-4137


Represented by JL David Talent

Jenn David • 615-852-7788

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